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Microtek - New Products
Code OSDescription Stock NZ$ Ex gst
3040 pc Medi-7000 High End X-Ray Digitizer $16450
3058 pc/mac Microtek SM1000XL-plus Large Format A3 Scanner with TMA $4990
3062 pc/mac Microtek SM9800XL Plus A3 Scanner $2950
3111 pc Microtek XT5830 HS A3 Scanner $980
1268 pc/mac TMA1600-III A3 Transparency media adaptor for SM9800XLplus $745
1026 pc Microtek ArtixScan DI 2010 USB Document Scanner 20ppm In Stock $695
2823 pc/mac Microtek ArtixScan DI 4020 USB Duplex Document Scanner 40 ppm $1350
3104 PC Microtek ArtixScan DI 5260 USB Document Scanner 60ppm / 120 ipm $2290
3059 pc Microtek ArtixScan DI 6260S 60ppm duplex scanner In Stock $1795
3030 pc/mac Microtek ArtixScan F2 with Auto Focus and LED Technologies $2250
2934 pc Microtek FileScan 3125c Duplex Document Scanner 25 ppm In Stock $780
1127 pc/mac Microtek Lightlid35 - 35mm Slide/Negative adaptor $35
1151 pc/mac Microtek MTMA - A4 size Magnetic Transparency Media Adaptor for i320 & X12USL In Stock $50
3128 PC/Mac Microtek ScanMaker i480 $525
3032 pc/mac Microtek ScanMaker i800 Plus LED Multi-Format Scanner $995
1240 pc/mac Microtek SMX12USL SCSI/USB,2400x1200dpi, Legal Size In Stock $299
1843 pc/mac Kodak Q-60E1 IT8 Color Input Target - for Kodak EKTACHROME Film - 4x5" $175
1728 pc/mac Microtek 12V power supply unit for SM5800 , i450 $39
1729 pc/mac Microtek 15V power supply unit for i800, DI2020 $40
1731 pc/mac Microtek 240V switching power supply unit $145
2095 pc/mac Microtek 35mm slide holder insert for i900, sm8700, sm4, sm5, sm1000 In Stock $55
1730 pc/mac Microtek 5V power supply unit In Stock $30
1751 pc Microtek Upper Lamp for A3 scanner SM9xxxx, SM1000XL, As2020 In Stock $185
2097 pc Rubber Pad Asy for Microtek AS2010 Document scanner In Stock $55

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