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BU-3028 3-MegaPixel wide-angle Outdoor 25m IR IPCam
  • 3~10.5mm Smart Focus Motorized Zoom Lens
  • 25m Smart IR LED
  • Digital Video Stabilization
  • Corridor Mode
  • IP66 and IK10 Protection with Anti-fog Front Cover
  • Cable trough Bracket
  • 25FPS at 2048x1536
  • 802.3af/at PoE Port
  • MicroSD Card Slot for Local Storage
  • Two-Way Audio, DI/DO
  • Clear Motion Technology for Moving Objects
  • WDR Enhanced
  • Compatible with OnVIF Standard
  • Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics Including Face Detection, iMotion Detection, Trip Zone, Object Counting, Face Recognition, e-Fence
Item Code : 3101
NZ $495.00+gst

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The BU-3028-IVS IP Camera is the modern bullet type network camera from AirLive. With built-in 3-Magapixel CMOS sensor and 3.5X smart focus motorized zoom lens, AirLive BU-3028-IVS offers excellent video quality and varies angles of view. AirLive BU-3028-IVS can sustain severe environments and prevent from being damaged by gangsters due to the IP66 & IK10 housing and cable through bracket. With Built-in Digital Video Stabilization, the vibration from the environment is not an issue anymore. Furthermore, AirLive BU-3028-IVS can work day and night with ICR and 25 meter Smart IR LED.
3-Megapixel Resolution and 3.5X Smart Focus Motorized Zoom Lens
AirLive BU-3028-IVS provides 3-Magapixel high definition resolution at 25 frames per second and 1080P at 30 frames per second. With smart focus function, AirLive BU-3028-IVS can adjust focus immediately when the focal length is changing. Moreover, 3~10.5mm motorized zoom can help user to alter the focal length remotely. It is very simple for user to install the camera.
25 meters Smart IR LED
AirLive BU-3028-IVS equips 25 meters smart IR LED for night time surveillance. For conventional IR cameras, if the object of interest is close to the camera, there is an overexposure problem on the object. With the smart IR, the camera can automatically adjust IR lighting intensity and ensure that the camera captures usable video in dark conditions, even when the object of interest is located close to the IR LEDs.
Digital Video Stabilization
Digital Video Stabilization is a video enhancement technique which reduces the blur in the video caused by the camera shake. Therefore, the vibrations caused by wind blow and vehicles will not affect the image quality.

*When Digital Video Stabilization is enabled, the resolution is limited to 720P maximum and smaller FOV.
IP66 & IK10 Waterproof Housing, Cable through Bracket and Anti-Fog Front Cover
The outdoor environment is unexpected. The rugged IP66 and IK10 waterproof housing can stand the harshest circumstances and endure the harm from gangsters. The cable through bracket can also protect the extend cables from the destruction by invaders. Moreover, AirLive BU-3028-IVS has anti-fog front cover to avoid the fog on the glass.
MicroSD Card Recording
With the built-in MicroSD card slot, this camera can record video in itself locally without PC or NVR. AirLive BU-3028-IVS supports MicroSDXC up to 64GB capacity for longer video recording. Customer can save cost to set up surveillance easily.
Two-Way Audio and DIDO
With two-way audio feature, you have the ability to watch, hear and response remotely. Real-time over the Internet communication is simply by using the standard Microsoft IE browser or AirLive CamPro Mobile APP. In order to speak, all you need are microphones and speakers in the computer and camera location. AirLive BU-3028-IVS is also with audio detection that can monitor the sound level around the camera to trigger the alarm. Moreover, AirLive BU-3028-IVS supports Digital Input / Digital Output for external sensor and alarm equipments.
Clear Motion Technology
AirLive BU-3028-IVS has the Clear Motion Technology to minimize the motion blur caused by moving objects. So you can have the more details for the moving object.
Support WDR
When strong back light is surrounding a subject, the camera with wide dynamic range (WDR) technology can adjust the intense backlight and dark area to balance the whole screen; therefore, user can recognize the details in the bright and dark area.
Tampering Detection
The tampering detection function will trigger alarm when AirLive BU-3028-IVS is under attack. For example, if the intruder tries to turn camera to the other side, AirLive BU-3028-IVS will recognize the attack and send out the alarm or trigger the digital output devices.
Intelligent Video Analytics
AirLive BU-3028-IVS provides multiple intelligent video analytics that helps you to save your human resources and reaches the goal of automatic surveillance.

* When IVS is enabled, the resolution is limited to 2 Megapixel maximum. It is recommended to set the resolution to 1 Megapixel for the best performance.
* Please check our step-by-step guide for installations and limitations before making a purchase.
Face Detection
Face detection is a precise feature which needs highly accurate rate of recognition on human faces only. The software is able to count many faces in the image and also highlights those faces simultaneously so the administrator will be easier to look in detail on each face at a specific environment.
Face Recognition
The key feature of Face Recognition is to recognize faces for access control or any suspicious persons in camera which is matched to the database. You can save up to 10 face images to AirLive BU-3028-IVS for recognition, so when the camera catches the face which is matched the database, the camera will trigger the related output devices for necessary reaction.

* The face Recognition is limited to 10 faces maximum when used in standalone recognition mode. This limit can be increased when used as secondary guard with access control system
iMotion Detection
Intelligent Motion Detection is able to increase accuracy of detection and also provides more flexible settings with polygon for the detection area
The eFence is an electronic fence protection system which is able to detect and send output alert if any object is crossing the boundaries you set in the camera. eFence can be used in many applications, such as a standalone protection area, or other protection systems, like airports, power plants, radio towers or even military camps.
Object Counting
The Object Counting makes store owners easier to calculate the number of people in and out of the store. You may choose one way or two way directions for counting. The numbers can be displayed on the screen and saved to the database. Camera can send statistic report out to FTP, Samba server and MicroSD card manually or automatically. It is also useful to calculate the amount of traffic flow on the highway.
Trip Zone
The Trip Zone is an area protection based on two virtual areas with a line in center drawn in the software. When any object moves across the line, It will send out the alarm or trigger the digital output devices. It can detect one way direction or two way directions. It is useful to protect walls, railroad platform, or parking lot entrance.
64-Channel Recording Software and IP Wizard
The surveillance software CamPro Express 64 let user to view and record multiple live images at the same time. Using several supported camera with CamPro Express 64, user can easily build up a surveillance system at different environments. Moreover, BU-3028-IVS also supports CamPro Professional, which is AirLive’s intelligent video surveillance recording software. It is designed to meet most demands for professional installations. With its video analysis functions, such as tampering detection, user can build up a stable and efficient surveillance system.
APPS for Mobile Device
AirLive provides CamPro Mobile APP for iOS/Android device, so you can view multiple AirLive IP cameras by your mobile device. For more information, please visit to the APP store or Android market.
12 months return to base

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